• Experience and quality for
    over 50 years!


Since 1953, BERNSTEIN has stood for excellent hand tools that guarantee precision and durability in the electronics and precision engineering industry. Originally introduced at the German Radio and Television Exhibition in Düsseldorf, the brand has developed from the technical department of the Bernhard Steinrücke company into an independent tool factory focussing on high-quality hand, special and clamping tools.

Our product range includes specially developed ESD tools, which are essential in modern electronics production. These tools prevent electrostatic charging and fulfil the highest standards of safety and functionality. With our wide range of products, from fine tweezers to versatile pliers and screwdrivers, we meet the diverse needs of our discerning customers in Germany and around the world.

Proven worldwide for decades: The BERNSTEIN SPANNFIX ball-joint vice, with its versatility and robustness, is indispensable in every workshop. Its unique ball joint design allows flexible positioning for precise work, whether you want to fix a workpiece or a snowboard, the Spannfix delivers what it promises.

Our enthusiasm does not end with the finished product. We offer customised solutions to meet specific customer needs, whether in small series or as one-off production. With each of our products, we focus not only on quality, but also on customer satisfaction, inspired by our own enthusiasm for outstanding tools.

Quality tools for the electronics industry

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