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NEW ESD screwdriver from BERNSTEIN

Old becomes new!

ESD electronics screwdrivers are everyday products that have to be perfectly easy to handle. That's why we took a closer look at our ESD screwdrivers and developed our own screwdriver. 

In this article, we will show you how it differs from the old screwdriver and what advantages the new screwdriver brings with it.

new ESD screwdriver

The handle - ergonomically delicate

We have placed particularly great attention on an ergonomic handle.

In contrast to the "old" screwdriver, the new screwdriver now fits perfectly in the user's hand. The hexagonal shape provides a good grip when turning. And the grooves prevent slipping. The handle is made of black ESD plastic (PP) with a conductivity of 104 - 106 ohm and is therefore perfectly suitable for working on electrostatically sensitive components.

new ESD screwdriver - the handle

The twist cap - smooth-running and functional

To ensure that the screwdriver remains in position despite the high starting pressure, we have integrated a smooth-running rotating cap.

In order to always have a good overview later and to be able to make a quick choice of the right screwdriver, the screw cap is printed. A pictogram as well as the short designation show which screwdriver it is.

This makes it impossible to mix up the screwdrivers!

rotating cap


new ESD screwdriver