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bronze adjusting screwdriver set 7 pcs Trimmer

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  • slot blade with 1-component plastic handle
  • Trimmer for easy and safe setting of spindle resistances and potentiometers (poti)
  • material special synthetic with bronze blade
  • small filigree blades with high torsional strength, insulating
  • measures 200 x 135 x 10 mm
  • weight 125 g

Area of application

Adjustment tools with bronze insert. For particularly tight-fitting cores, BERNSTEIN supplies adjusting screwdrivers and adjusting wrenches with inserts made of spring-loaded bronze. This material is very accurate even in the smallest dimensions. Since it is only processed as a small cutting tip in conjunction with the synthetic material, detuning by the spring hard bronze is almost impossible.

General information

Adjustment tools in use a variety of electrical and electronic equipment or assemblies must be aligned or adjusted after the manufacturing process. Even when installing new components or when electrical values have changed due to aging, an adjustment is usually necessary to restore the optimal device function. For the different application areas we offer adjustment tools made of different materials. In the field of ceramics, we manufacture not only many standard blades but also special shapes on customer request. Contact us and we will assist you with the implementation of your ideas.


Bronze adjusting screwdriver consists of:

  • 1-150-0 ESD dissipative bag 7 empty pockets
  • 1-301 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 1.4x0.5x155mm
  • 1-302 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 2.0x0.5x155mm
  • 1-303 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 2.5x0.5x155mm
  • 1-304 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 1.7x0.7x155mm
  • 1-305 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 1.1x0.5x80mm
  • 1-306 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 1.7x0.7x80mm
  • 1-307 bronze adjusting screwdriver slot blade 2.0x0.5x80mm