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ESD plastic scratch and opening tool PEEK

  • versatile tool and auxiliary
  • for applying or removing chemical substances
  • for soldering, gluing, filling, stirring, opening or scraping
  • hard, stable, scratch resistant, heat and acid resistant
  • shape flat-wide from 4.4 to 12.0 mm
  • shape pointed from 0.5 to 0.7 mm
  • ESD-safe material 10^5 to 10^6 Ohm
  • Material PEEK polyetheretherketone
  • Length 140-150 mm
  • Weight 23 g

Area of application

Tool that can be used on both sides as a spatula, scraper, opener, lifting or lever tool for electronics, for example when soldering (lead-free soldering work). Can be used to remove solder resists, rubber latex, adhesive coatings or to apply adhesives. Often used when dosing chemical components or as a stirring rod for the preparation of adhesives and solutions. Another use for small parts as a positioning aid during assembly work in the technical area to cleaning 3D printed parts.

Technical description

PEEK polyetheretherketone reinforced with carbon nanotubes. General information PEEK: reinforced with carbon very hard, rigid, high tensile and flexural strength. High wear resistance, very high heat resistance (260 to 300°C), good dimensional stability, low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive substances, excellent resistance to thermal aging. ESD safe material 10^5 to 10^6 ohm. Typical applications is component handling in chemical cleaning and assembly processes, even at high temperature such as soldering.