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ESD opening tools plastic 10 pcs

  • For opening housings and hard shells
  • 6 triangular-oval openers, 3 flat-narrow openers, 1 pointed-round opener
  • Easy to apply and lever open
  • Without leaving opening marks
  • Color orange
  • Ergonomic design
  • Antistatic stable composite plastic
  • Prevents static charge
  • Dissipative 3x 10^8 Ohm
  • Weight 52 g

Area of application

Optimum tools for easy positioning and levering open housings without leaving any opening marks. Three different shapes are included, offering different options for opening the housing parts. The triangle is semicircular-oval rather flat-sharp for very narrow opening gaps. The dart is also flat-sharp with a wider base and is also slightly bent to apply gentle lever pressure to the surface. The pin shape provides a round opening or further separation of the already slightly open housing parts. The other side is flat, wide and blunt and has a hooking function.

Technical description

The material is a stable plastic (manufactured using the plastic injection molding process), dissipative with a conductance of 3x 10^8 Ohm.


Opening tools plastic set consists of:

  • 2-129-1 opening tool triangle orange (6 pcs)
  • 2-129-2 opening tool darts orange (3 pcs)
  • 2-129-3 opening tool pen pointed orange