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ESD claw-type gripper with 3 hardened wire claws

  • opening up to max. 12 mm
  • with dissipative surface
  • 10^6 and 10^9 ohm
  • handle ergonomically shaped
  • comfortable use, precise gripping
  • length 165 mm
  • weight 50 g

Area of application

Claw grippers are used when it is not necessary to recover magnetic small parts from hard-to-reach areas. As well as the magnetic lifter, the claw grab has a flexible, well-aligned steel shaft and a robust and smooth claw mechanism with hardened claws, which will withstand long-term professional demands and fine adjustment. It is available in different sizes, whether individually or in an individual set.

Technical description

Where magnetic gripper or pick-up-tools do not work, our dissipative claw pick-up-tool with ESD coating (10^6 and 10^9 ohm) is perfectly suitable for the application. For screws, nuts, other small parts made of brass, stainless steel, titanium or copper-beryllium. EPA suitable. For working in electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone).