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replacement brush from brass for 2-163 Ø 4 mm

  • content 1 pcs
  • bristles made of brass
  • bristles-length 33 mm
  • for cleaning, polishing and grinding
  • for rust removal, scratching and deburring
  • brush Ø 4 mm
  • Made in Germany
  • length 42 mm
  • weight 1.5 g

Area of application

Replacement mine for: Brass wire eraser as a handy and practical assistant for cleaning, polishing, grinding, scratching and deburring, especially for small and filigree handicrafts. It is used in the watch and jewellery industry, in the electrical industry, in car repair shops or in precision mechanics and restorers, and also in the private, hobby and craft sectors, numerous application possibilities arise. Rusty and dirty threads can be easily cleaned and derusted using the 4 mm brass or steel wire insert, especially for inaccessible areas.

Technical description

We recommend to try the brass wire eraser in an invisible area. The pen consists of a writing sleeve, in which a replaceable brass or steel brush (mine) is located. The integrated turning mechanism allows infinitely variable length variation of the mine. If a mine is used up, it is simply exchanged for a replacement mine.