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glass fibre contact cleaner brush Ø 2 mm (plastic body with metal tip)

  • with clip
  • in pen form with press mechanism
  • for cleaning soldering or welding spots
  • for rust removal, polishing and grinding of smallest parts
  • for corrections or etchings
  • body plastic with metal tip
  • bristles made of glass fiber
  • brush Ø 4 mm
  • length 140 mm
  • weight 12 g

Area of application

Glass fiber contact cleaners serve the user in many areas as practical helpers. They are ideal for cleaning, polishing or sanding very small surfaces. These are used for the finest work in model making but they are also ideal for cleaning soldering or welding spots.

Technical description

We recommend to try the glass fiber eraser in an invisible area. The eraser consists of a writing sleeve which is, depending on the size, a 2 or 4 mm thick glass fiber mine. The integrated press mechanism allows infinitely variable length variation of the glass fiber lead. If a mine is used up, it is simply exchanged for a replacement mine.