magnifier 3.25 x Ø 45 mm with additional lens

  • plastic magnifier with biconvex lens
  • magnification 3.25x
  • color white/transparent
  • handy format
  • length 70 mm
  • weight 35 g

Technical description

Can be swivelled in any position, nickel-plated, rubberized handle.

General information

Risk factor loupes and lighting! At the ESD workstation, sensitive components must not be exposed to an electrostatic field of more than 100 V / cm. There is a high risk due to the use of highly rechargeable materials such as glass or plastic. Above all, loupes and lights are dangerous because they are often used very close to the product. An electrostatic discharge can also occur via the air, it is not always a direct contact necessary. For this reason, only use ESD-safe lighting in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.