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ESD tool set PC-REPAIR 12 pcs + wrist grounding

  • with pliers from the CLASSICline series
  • in dissipative zip bag approx. 10^6 Ohm
  • with 9 rubber band loops
  • filled with the most important tools for PC repair
  • Slotted and PH screwdrivers
  • a universal tweezers for holding small parts
  • a necessary side cutter and needle nose pliers
  • additionally with ESD contact wrist strap + spiral cable 2.4 m + crocodile clip
  • measures 190 x 135 x 35 mm
  • weight 360 g

Area of application

These ESD tools are dissipative and prevent electrostatic discharge on the PC, tablet or other technical devices. The electronics screwdrivers have a twist cap and therefore fit comfortably in the hand. The pliers in the CLASSICline series are mirror-polished, the side cutter has a mini-flush and the needle-nose pliers are ideal for holding parts without damaging them. The tweezers are very robust, not too small, with a dissipative surface coating. As a grounding option, this set contains an ESD contact wrist strap and a 2.4 m spiral cable, plus an crocodile clip for conduction to a metallic surface.

Technical description

EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). This set is fully equipped with ESD tools for repairing mobile devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other highly sensitive electronic devices. The tools are packed in a zippered case made of dissipative ESD synthetic leather.


ESD tool kit PC-REPAIR consists of:

  • 2251 ESD dissipative zipper bag 9 empty pockets
  • 3-601-15 ESD side cutters CLASSICline semi flush 115 mm dissipative
  • 3-633-15 ESD snipe nose pliers CLASSICline not serrated jaws 120 mm dissipative
  • 5-072-13 ESD SMD universal tweezers 110 mm form 3c stainless steel, dissipative
  • 4-624 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH1
  • 4-623 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH0
  • 4-622 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH00
  • 4-607 ESD screwdriver slot blade 3.0x0.5x60 mm
  • 4-608 ESD screwdriver slot blade 3.5x0.6x60 mm
  • 4-609 ESD screwdriver slot blade 4.0x0.8x60 mm
  • 9-342-1 ESD contact bracelet blue
  • 9-342-2 ESD spiral cord for bracelet 70 - 200 cm black
  • 9-353 Crocodile clip, insulated banana plug with 10 mm push button