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ESD tool kit PROFI repair set 28 pcs

  • Content: see parts list
  • tool folder including dissipative working pad (480x340mm) and personal grounding
  • for repair of smartphones, tablets, PCs or PCBs
  • 22 rubber straps filled with ESD tools
  • as a mobile ESD station, hinged, as a practical stand
  • Pushbuttons for wrist strap or ground contact connection
  • Bleeder resistor of the bag and the ESD tools (according to DIN EN 61340-5-1) 10^6 to 10^9 ohm
  • including adjustable elastic wristband with woven in silver-plated synthetic fibres, allergy-free. Meets the safety requirements for wrist grounding according to BGFE.
  • measures 270 x 160 x 60 mm
  • weight 740 g, empty 480 g

Area of application

EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). Installable ESD work surface with tools for mobile use on electrostatic sensitive assemblies or for the repair of smartphones and tablets of the brands Apple and Samsung. Handy tool flap pocket made of dissipative synthetic leather. The bag has a total of 24 rubber loops for holding the tools and other parts. Thanks to the new design, the tool area can be set up with a Velcro loop, which significantly improves access to the tool. The bag has two press studs that can be connected to a wrist strap and a grounding wire (included), which allows each workstation to be converted to an ESD workstation. The large support surface (480 x 340 mm) offers enough space to handle sensitive electronic components safely. For transport, the bag can be quickly folded to a handy size and closed with a rubber band.

Technical description

Wrist grounding, as a safe method to derive electrostatic charge from people, consists of an adjustable wrist strap with woven silver-plated plastic fibers (close skin contact necessary) and a spiral cable which connects the wristband with the earthing point via press buttons, electrically dissipative. The coiled cable has a safety resistance of 1 MOhm on each connection side and is approved for workplaces with a rated voltage up to 250 VAC. To ensure adequate insulation, the bracelet may only be stored in a dry place. Washing instructions for the bracelet: machine wash up to 30° C with soft washing powder, drying at low temperature (warm not hot), do not bleach. Avoid contact with acidic / alkaline solvents. ESD protection is retained for about 30 washing process. Connection recommendation: 9-359-1 ESD earthing module 3x10 mm push button for table screw connection or 9-359-2 ESD earthing plug 2x10 mm push button and M5 connection for EU sockets. (Cable: 9-343-1 ESD earthing cable 1 MOhm, length 1.8 m)


ESD tool kit PROFI repair set consists of:

  • 2291 ESD dissipative folding bag 22 empty pockets
  • 4-603 ESD screwdriver slot blade 1.5x0.25x60 mm
  • 4-605 ESD screwdriver slot blade 2.0x0.4x60 mm
  • 4-621 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH000
  • 4-622 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH00
  • 9-342-1 ESD contact bracelet blue
  • 9-342-2 ESD spiral cord for bracelet 70 - 200 cm black
  • 9-353 ESD crocodile clip
  • 9-343-1 ESD grounding cable 1 MOhms, 1800 mm 2 press-studs 10/10 mm
  • 2-124 opening tool BERNSTEIN metal opener flat
  • 2-123 ESD crowbar SPUDGER metal opener flat
  • 2-111 LCD suction cup with ring
  • 5-059-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120 mm form 2a stainless steel dissipative
  • 5-055-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120 mm form 7a stainless steel angle 40° dissipative
  • 2-129-1 opening tool triangle orange (6 pcs)
  • 2-129-2 opening tool darts orange (3 pcs)
  • 2-129-3 opening tool pen pointed orange
  • 6-611 ESD socket wrench 1.5 mm
  • 6-661 ESD torx screwdriver T5
  • 6-662 ESD torx screwdriver T6
  • 6-721 ESD screwdriver pentalobe TS1
  • 6-724 ESD screwdriver pentalobe TS4