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ESD tool kit folding pouch (without tools)

  • EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone)
  • tool folder including dissipative working pad (480x340mm) and personal grounding
  • for repair of smartphones, tablets, PCs or PCBs
  • 22 rubber-band loops, hinged, as a practical stand
  • as a mobile ESD station, hinged, as a practical stand
  • also suitable for working in ESD protection zones (EPA = Electrostatic Protected Area)
  • Bleeder resistor 10^6 to 10^9 ohm, complies with standard DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • on request also individually equipped
  • measures 270 x 160 x 60 mm
  • weight 480 g

Area of application

EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). Foldable tool bag with integrated working surface for various applications in the ESD area. Connection recommendation: 9-359-1 ESD earthing module 3x10 mm push button for table screw connection or 9-359-2 ESD earthing plug 2x10 mm push button and M5 connection for EU sockets. (Cable: 9-343-1 ESD earthing cable 1 MOhm, length 1.8 m)

Technical description

Handy tool flap bag made of dissipative imitation leather. The bag has a total of 22 rubber loops to hold the tools and other parts. The new design allows the tool area to be positioned by means of a Velcro loop which significantly improves access to the tool. The bag has two push buttons to which a wristband and an earthing cable can be connected (included in delivery), so that each workstation can be converted into an ESD workstation. The large support surface (480 x 340 mm) provides enough space to safely process sensitive electronic components. The bag can be quickly folded to a handy size and closed with a rubber band, ideal for an uncomplicated transport.