3-960 T

ESD pliers set TECHNICline 4 pcs (incl. ESD bag)

  • content: see parts list below
  • Full Flush (without side face, cut completely flush)
  • side cutters cutting capacity soft/medium/hard/piano Ø in mm: 1.0/0.8/0/0
  • end cutters cutting capacity soft/medium/hard/piano Ø in mm: 0.8/0.6/0/0
  • head width approx.10 mm, blade length 8 mm
  • material ball bearing steel (HRC 63-65)
  • surface without reflection matt polished
  • products and bag dissipative between 10^6 and 10^9 ohm
  • measures 320 x 150 x 20 mm
  • weight 410 g

Area of application

TECHNICline precision pliers set in dissipative ESD bag is suitable for mobile work, for service employees, as well as for stationary work on ESD workstations or for EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area). The pliers are suitable for cutting general resistance wire, solder wire, winding wire and heating wire (thermocouple wire). Specifically for copper wire, brass wire, steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, bonding wire, tin wire, nickel wire, gold wire, silver wire, platinum wire, tungsten copper wire, tungsten wire, glass fiber and kevlar. Please note the cutting capacity in the pliers handles and the care instructions for a longlife of your pliers. For special applications and individual solutions, please contact us, we are pleased to advise you.

Technical description

CARE NOTE: High humidity or touching the pliers head with your fingers (sweat) causes rusting. Therefore, the pliers should always be kept dry or protect with oil for storage. If there is any rust on the pliers head, it can be easily removed, with a slight polish. Our ESD tools comply with the following ESD standards DIN EN 61340-5-1; VDE 0300-5-1:2017-07; DIN EN 61340-2-1; VDE 0300-2-1:2016-07; DIN EN 61340-4-6; VDE 0300-4-6:2016-04. We achieve a discharge resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 ohm with the pliers handles and the ESD bag with ESD Velcro tape. Attention, the use of hand tools alone is not enough to avoid electrostatic charge. For general safety, please use our wrist grounding and ESD mats, for further information see the section workplace equipment.

General information

The TECHNICline pliers series is made of high-quality ball bearing steel with exceptional cutting performance for extremely high requirements and claims. The pliers are scratch-resistant, matt polished, reflection-free and glare-free for optimal work under the magnifying glass or the microscope. The exact symmetrical, induction hardened cutting edges have a hardness of 63-65 HRC and thus achieve particularly high cutting values and are suitable for hard and special wires (HRC 81 made of tungsten carbide steel available on request). The bolted precision joint with hardened nut (made of alloy steel) ensures perfect joint adjustment and longevity even at high cutting loads. Ergonomically shaped conductive 2-component handle are very comfortable and optimal relief of the hand muscles because of the stainless steel double leaf springs.


ESD pliers set TECHNICline consists of:

  • 3-960-0 ESD dissipative bag 4 empty pockets
  • 3-963-15 ESD side cutters TECHNICline full flush 120mm
  • 3-981-15 ESD end cutters TECHNICline full flush 135mm
  • 3-992-15 ESD flat nose pliers TECHNICline not serrated jaws 130mm
  • 3-996-15 ESD snipe nose pliers TECHNICline not serrated jaws 140mm