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Micro screwdriver slot blade 1.2x0.25x17mm

  • Precision blades for screw connections in precision engineering
  • ergonomically shaped plastic handle with colored ring rotating cap
  • blade length 17 mm
  • Blades Ø 2 mm, Handle Ø 9 mm
  • Blade width 1.2 mm
  • Blade thickness 0.25 mm
  • Blades Molybdenum-Vanadium Steel, hardened and burnished
  • glare-free even in high light
  • Length 104 mm
  • Weight 4 g

Area of application

Fine screwdrivers are also called micro screwdrivers and are used in precision mechanics for small screw sizes or miniature screws. The hard precision blade made of quality tool steel enables direct gripping of the miniature screw and provides optimum force closure. The sturdy plastic handle with rotation cap fits comfortably in the hand, the colored ring facilitates work by quickly recognising the required size.

Technical description

Blade (HRC 58-61) material molybdenum-vanadium steel, burnished black, handle material: plastic. Instructions: High humidity or touching burnished blades with your fingers (sweat) causes flash rust. Therefore, the blades should always be kept dry or rubbed with a drop of oil for storage. If such rust forms on the blade, it can be easily removed, with a slight ground.

General information

The classic watchmaker's screwdriver is not only one of the most important tools for the watchmaker, but also for the precision mechanic, for the model maker or for hobby and tinkering. The precision screwdriver with rotating cap facilitates precise repeated screwing, turning, tightening or loosening thanks to its particular ease of movement. In addition, this product is nickel-free and 100% made in Germany.