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torque adapter 0.4Nm for 4 mm bits

  • preset torque
    tolerance +/-10% (+/-6% on request)
  • precise and accurate for minimum 20,000 clicks
    In combination with power-tool max. speed 100 rpm.
  • hex shank 4.0 mm (5/32 inch)
  • magnet bit holder 4.0 mm (5/32 inch)
  • Tightening torque 0.4 Nm / 4.1 Kgfcm / 3.5 in-lb
  • adapter Ø 8 mm
  • Factory standard
    material alloyed steel
  • adapter length 22 mm (without shank)
  • length 32 mm
  • weight 7,5 g
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Area of application

These torque adapters are suitable for particularly small torques. The torque value is preset in the adapter and can be clamped between any commercially available holding tool and a 4 mm bit. This turns any bit holder into a torque screwdriver, for example for working on watches, circuit boards, drones, consumer electronics, smart phones, tablets, PCs or other communication devices.

Technical description

Precise and accurate, for 20,000 clicks. Adapters are mainly suitable for manual operation. In conjunction with power-tool we recommend max. a speed of 100 rpm, with minimal click repetition. Higher speed as special model on request.

General information

Turn your bits and a holder into a perfect torque tool. Convenient to combine with pre-set torque for tightening or loosening. These high-precision fine tools are available from 0.1 to 0.7 Nm and are used in combination with 4 mm bits. They are often used as a complete solution for work on electronic equipment, in quick-change systems, robotic stations, aerospace, medical or just about any workbench where precise torque is needed. The click sound indicates when torque is reached, so the adapter cannot be overtorqued. No torque is released when loosening screws (due to the locked core shaft), so no additional loosening tool is required.