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Titan tweezers 110mm form 5

  • straight, very fine, concave long points
  • form 5
  • Material titanium antimagnetic, acid-resistant, solder repellent
  • Surface matt polished, smooth and glare-free
  • Soldering beads roll off titanium, work residue-free
  • heat conduction equal to zero
  • resistant to acidic flux when soldering
  • corrosion resistant and biocompatible
  • length 110 mm
  • weight 9 g

Area of application

Tweezers made of titanium material meet the highest technical requirements, are very light, corrosion resistant, even against aggressive acids, anti-magnetic, anti-bacterial, heat resistant, solder repellent and anti-glare. Titanium material has proven itself especially in soldering. On the one hand, the tweezers can be touched very briefly due to its almost non-existent heat dissipation capacity, and on the other hand, the soldering material rolls off without leaving any residue. The high acid resistance to fluxes (soldering fluid based on hydrochloric acid, salicylic acid, acetylsalicylic acid, adipic acid, soldering grease) makes the titanium tweezers the ideal soldering hand tool. In medicine, particular value is placed on the very good cleaning properties, maximum biocompatibility (no release of metal ions), strong mechanical resilience and corrosion resistance of titanium tweezers.

Technical description

Tweezers are made entirely of TITAN (light metal) and meet the highest technical requirements. Melting point 1941 K (1668°C), thermal conductivity 22W, electrical conductivity 2.5 x 10^6.