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ESD SMD tweezers 110mm form 5abb stainless steel angle 30° very fine, dissipative

  • oblique, 30° upwards angulated, very fine approx. 35 mm long tips
  • form 5abb
  • material stainless steel SA antimagnetic
  • matt polished surface, smooth and glare-free
  • ESD coating dissipative between 10^6 to 10^9 ohm
  • length 110 mm
  • weight 13 g

Area of application

Tweezers for SMD/THT technology, for gripping components and components mini MELFs, diodes, resistors, or simple pick up of wires.

Technical description

100% stainless steel anti-magnetic, rustproof and acid-resistant, reflection-free matt fine polished. Austenitic chromium nickel quality steel with low carbon content, for good corrosion resistance. Dissipative black ESD coating achieves surface leakage resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 ohm.