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ESD SMD MINI tweezers 90mm form H dissipative, tip ESD insulated

  • with dissipative tips (ESD PVC dip-insulated)
  • mini-tweezers, straight, short, very stable tips
  • form H
  • material stainless steel SA antimagnetic
  • matt polished surface, smooth and glare-free
  • ESD coating dissipative between 10^6 to 10^9 ohm
  • length 90 mm
  • weight 13 g

Area of application

Special tweezers for SMD technology, high-quality precision tweezers made of stainless steel, matt polished, anti-magnetic, with ESD coating. Also suitable for holding optics (laser optics and optical components) lenses, mirrors or sensitive crystals. Special coated tweezers can avoid scratches or fingerprints on optical surfaces. The optical components can be received and held on the frame in a non-slip and protected manner. The PVC dip-insulated tweezer tips prevent scratches, grease residues, dust residues on lenses, prisms, mirrors and other components to be protected.