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ESD SMD tweezers set geometric 11 pcs with holder TWEEZ

  • 11 SMD precision tweezers with placement tips
    extremely fine and filigree
    straight and curved
    Detailed article listing see below
  • incl. dissipative tool holder 10^5 ohm
    for standing or hanging
    long holes suitable for tool walls, pegboards
    Küpper tool wall, Tegometall, element systems
  • 11 holes with the dimensions approx. 11 x 9 mm
  • high quality and scratch-resistant ESD powder coating
  • Holder conductive 10^4 - 10^5 Ohm
  • Stainless steel tweezers dissipative 10^6 - 10^9 ohm
  • Tweezers RAL 9005, holder RAL 7035
  • Dimensions holder 125 x 40 x 50 mm
  • weight 310 g

Area of application

Gripping, holding and positioning tweezers, holder for geometrically shaped parts (pick-and-place). All conceivable holding shapes are possible. For easy pulling and inserting of round or cubic components, bulbous or long-hollow tweezers with the appropriate holder are suitable.
For more order at the workplace, we developed the tool holder TWEEZ for 11 SMD tweezers, so the sensitive tips are well protected and always quickly at hand. The tweezers and the tweezer holder are EPA suitable, for working in electrostatic protected areas (ESD workplace/ESD protection zone). Of course, all other suitable ESD tools can also be stored in it.

Technical description

The stainless steel precision tweezers are rustproof, matt polished, anti-magnetic, acid-resistant and with ESD coating. The conductive plastic tweezers are made of technical high-performance plastic (Vestamid PA12 L-Ployamid), cleanroom compatible, glass fibre reinforced, resistant to acids and can be used up to 175° C.


ESD SMD precision tweezers set consisting of:

  • 5-170-0 ESD tweezers holder TWEEZ steel light gray RAL 7035 dissipative
  • 5-048-13 ESD SMD tweezers 110mm shape 5 stainless steel, very pointed dissipative
  • 5-055-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120mm shape 7a stainless steel angle 40° dissipative
  • 5-059-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120mm shape 2a stainless steel, dissipative
  • 5-062-13 ESD SMD tweezers 115mm shape 59 stainless steel angle 35° dissipative
  • 5-063-13 ESD SMD tweezers 115mm shape 58 stainless steel angle 35° dissipative
  • 5-064-13 ESD SMD tweezers 115mm shape 54 stainless steel dissipative
  • 5-065-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120mm shape 50 stainless steel, dissipative
  • 5-066-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120mm form 8b stainless steel angle 30° dissipative
  • 5-067-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120mm form 12 stainless steel angle 45° dissipative
  • 5-068-13 ESD tweezers 120mm form 13 stainless steel angle 45° dissipative
  • 5-069-13 ESD SMD tweezers 115mm form 5abb-Z stainless steel angle 30° serrated, dissipative