Bernstein Werkzeuge
Similar to illustration. Technical modifications and errors excepted.


SMD tweezers 105 mm form 46d stainless steel

  • also perfect as laboratory tweezers, membrane tweezers
  • flat, angular, bent tips width 5 mm, non-slip
  • beak-shaped intake, Pick and Place
  • form 46d
  • material stainless steel SA antimagnetic
  • matt polished surface, smooth and glare-free
  • length 105 mm
  • weight 14 g
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Area of application

SPECIAL TWEEZERS FOR SMD TECHNOLOGY. High-quality precision tweezers made of stainless steel, matt polished, antimagnetic, acid-resistant. These tweezers are also often used as membrane tweezers because they make it easier to pick up the membrane due to the beak-shaped intake (Pick-and-Place).