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tool case BASIC 51 pcs

  • basic equipment with the most important tools, content: see parts list below
  • hard case PERFORMANCE
  • case made of X-ABS material
  • divisible floor tray
  • tool panels made of ConPearl
  • case lid locking
  • locks, sturdy handle, profiled aluminum frame
  • measures 480 x 350 x 190 mm
  • weight 7400 g, empty 3900 g

Area of application

A suitcase with different expansion stages. Based on the case line PERFORMANCE, the basic equipment was designed with 2 extension sets. The BASIC equipment includes the basic equipment of hand tools.

Technical description

The PERFORMANCE case strikes a good balance between price and performance. Reduced to the most important functions, it represents an inexpensive alternative to PROTECTION. The use of X-ABS plastic with an extremely non-slip surface makes the case more resistant to external influences. The highly impact and fracture resistant material also makes the case airworthy, as it withstands the rough handling of checked baggage. The sturdy aluminum frame and the ratchet hinges with case lid locking complete the picture of a high-quality and at the same time functional tool case.


Tool case BASIC consists of:

  • 5015 tool case PERFORMANCE 28 empty pockets
  • 3-0856 crimping pliers/wire stripper
  • 3-575-6 water pump pliers 240 mm
  • 3-601-15 ESD side cutters CLASSICline semi flush 115 mm
  • 4-343-VDE voltage tester slot blade 3.0x0.7x60 mm
  • 4-392 watchmaker screwdriver magazine 6 pcs (1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0-PH0+handle)
  • 4-524 screwdriver EUROline-Power slot blade 5.5x1.0x150 mm
  • 4-508 screwdriver EUROline-Power slot blade 8.0x1.2x150 mm
  • 5-107-6 tweezers 150 mm form 22b teething, insulated
  • 5-240 warding files set 6 pcs (flat,round,blunt,pointed,3-edge,4-edge)
  • 5-505 stripping knife Ø 4-28 mm with hook blade
  • 6-500 double open-ended wrench set 8 pcs (6x7-8x9-10x11-12x13-14x15-16x17-18x19-20-22)
  • 6-820 wrench key set 8 pcs (1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0-4.0-5.0-5.5-6.0)
  • 7-116 engineer hammer to DIN 1041, 300g
  • 7-235 flat chisel 200x14x20 mm
  • 7-255 electricians chisel with safety impact head 200x8x10 mm
  • 7-316 punch blade Ø 6 mm blade length 100 mm
  • 7-502 folding rule 2 meter wood
  • 7-535 spirit level 225 mm
  • 7-616 bag-saw PUK in case
  • 13-906-VDE side cutters 160 mm
  • 13-915-VDE telephone pliers 160 mm serrated jaws straight with wire cutter
  • 13-936-VDE combination pliers 160 mm with serration
  • 14-651-VDE-screwdriver slot blade 2.5x75 mm
  • 14-652-VDE screwdriver slot blade 3.5x100 mm
  • 14-653-VDE screwdriver slot blade 4.0x100 mm
  • 14-682-VDE screwdriver cross-recess PH1 Ø 4.5 mm
  • 14-683-VDE screwdriver cross-recess PH2 Ø 6.0 mm