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ESD tool case EPA 33 pcs

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  • ESD dissipative hard case, with dissipative interior
  • made of dissipative material
  • case lid locking
  • pockets made of high-quality dissipative synthetic leather
  • document compartment in the lid
  • lockable locks
  • stabiler Handgriff
  • measures 500 x 370 x 210 mm
  • weight 6900 g, empty 5800 g
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Area of application

A dissipative ESD tool case with an extensive equipment of ESD special tools. Ideal for electrostatically sensitive components and systems. This high-quality ESD case offers all the advantages of a standard tool case but ist the only large-format tool case made of dissipative materials!

Technical description

The case shells, tool boards and the variably subdivided bottom tray are made of dissipative material and comply with DIN EN IEC Standard 10 00 15 Section 5. The tools have been successfully tested by several test laboratories in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1, 61340-2-1 and 61340-2-3 for work in ESD-protected areas. The robust case shells are pressed with a stable double aluminium frame. On two panels, one of which can be fitted on both sides, 32 tools are stored in insertable compartments, ready to hand. The lid of the case contains a document compartment for storing written documents. The freely divisible tray in the bottom of the case allows additional tools and instruments to be stored. The case has 2 locks and a combination lock.

General information

EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone).


ESD tool case EPA consists of:

  • 6915 ESD ableitfähiger tool case EPA 42 empty pockets
  • 2-101 tin knife with ceramic blade
  • 2-265-1 test prod red blade 1 mm
  • 2-265-2 test prod black blade 1 mm
  • 2-620 PLCC-extractor
  • 3-654-15 ESD side cutters EUROline semi flush 125mm
  • 3-672-15 ESD end cutters EUROline flush 130mm
  • 3-682-15 ESD flat nose pliers EUROline not serrated jaws 130mm
  • 3-133-13 ESD side cutters 145mm dissipative
  • 3-245-13 ESD telephone pliers serrated jaws 200 mm dissipative
  • 3-732-13 ESD combination pliers with serration dissipative
  • 4-603 ESD screwdriver slot blade 1.5x0.25x60mm
  • 4-605 ESD screwdriver slot blade 2.0x0.4x60mm
  • 4-606 ESD screwdriver slot blade 2.5x0.4x60mm
  • 4-621 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH000
  • 4-622 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH00
  • 4-623 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH0
  • 4-632 ESD screwdriver slot blade 4.0x0.8x100mm
  • 4-633 ESD screwdriver slot blade 5.5x1.0x125mm
  • 4-652 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH1
  • 4-653 ESD screwdriver cross-recess PH2
  • 5-191 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form 2a tips 2mm wide
  • 5-192 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form F tips 3mm wide
  • 5-194 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form 6
  • 6-611 ESD socket wrench 1.5mm
  • 6-612 ESD socket wrench 2.0mm
  • 6-617 ESD socket wrench 4.0mm
  • 6-621 ESD socket wrench 5.5mm
  • 6-659 ESD torx screwdriver T4
  • 6-661 ESD torx screwdriver T5
  • 6-662 ESD torx screwdriver T6
  • 6-663 L ESD torx screwdriver T7 with hole
  • 6-665 L ESD torx screwdriver T9 with hole
  • 7-422 ESD brush bristles width 20mm