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VDE tool SAFETY 35 pcs

  • Content: see parts list
  • made of leather red
  • classic tool bag with fold-out front flap
  • with padded shoulder strap
  • extensive VDE toolset
  • open-end wrenches, ratchets, pliers and sockets with two-color multi-layer dipped insulation
  • screwdriver with 2 colored handle
  • high quality closure buckles for locking
  • measures 440 x 175 x 310 mm
  • weight 7500 g, empty 3000 g

Area of application

A case full of safety for work under voltage up to 1000 V. The tools have VDE two-color multilayer dipped insulation, more specifically a VDE 1- or 2-component grip cover.

Technical description

Extremely sturdy case made of cowhide in red signal color. The front plate is hinged and provides quick access to 35 tools which are stored in pockets and in the bottom tray. Behind the tool set there are further compartments for safety gloves, NH handle, circuit diagrams or various written documents. The case has two lockable locks and eyelets on the sides for hooking in the carrying strap (padded shoulder strap is also included). BERNSTEIN safety tools are insulated and individually tested in accordance with VDE regulations IEC 60900 / EN 60900 and offer the guarantee of maximum safety. The two-color multilayer immersion insulation makes any damage to the outer red insulation immediately visible through the yellow insulation underneath. The advantage is a simple safety check that can be carried out at any time. Our VDE tools are tested according to VDE EN 60900 / IEC 60900 (piece by piece) and are approved for working under voltage up to 1000 volts. The insulations are REACH compliant and phthalate free.


Tool case SAFETY consists of:

  • 8115-VDE leather tool case 35 empty pockets
  • 1500-09 shoulder strap with protection leather black
  • 4-344-VDE voltage tester slot blade 3.5x0.7x110 mm
  • 13-106-VDE side cutters 165 mm
  • 13-207-VDE telephone pliers 205 mm serrated jaws straight with wire cutter
  • 13-208-VDE telephone pliers 205 mm serrated jaws bent with wire cutter
  • 13-708-VDE combination pliers 210 mm with serration
  • 13-806-VDE wire strippers 165 mm with stop screw
  • 14-652-VDE screwdriver slot blade 3.5x100 mm
  • 14-653-VDE screwdriver slot blade 4.0x100 mm
  • 14-654-VDE screwdriver slot blade 5.5x125 mm
  • 14-656-VDE screwdriver slot blade 6.5x150 mm
  • 14-658-VDE screwdriver slot blade 8.0x175 mm
  • 14-682-VDE screwdriver cross-recess PH1 Ø 4.5 mm
  • 14-683-VDE screwdriver cross-recess PH2 Ø 6.0 mm
  • 15-522-VDE cable dismanting knife with hook blade
  • 16-441-VDE socket 1/2 inch 10.0 mm
  • 16-442-VDE socket 1/2 inch 11.0 mm
  • 16-443-VDE socket 1/2 inch 12.0 mm
  • 16-444-VDE socket 1/2 inch 13.0 mm
  • 16-445-VDE socket 1/2 inch 14.0 mm
  • 16-447-VDE socket 1/2 inch 17.0 mm
  • 16-448-VDE socket 1/2 inch 19.0 mm
  • 16-449-VDE socket 1/2 inch 22.0 mm
  • 16-451-VDE socket 1/2 inch 24.0 mm
  • 16-471-VDE reversible ratchet 1/2 inch
  • 16-476-VDE extension 1/2 inch 125 mm
  • 16-503-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 8.0 mm
  • 16-504-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 9.0 mm
  • 16-505-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 10.0 mm
  • 16-506-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 11.0 mm
  • 16-507-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 12.0 mm
  • 16-508-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 13.0 mm
  • 16-509-VDE single-ended open-jaw wrench 14.0 mm
  • 17-501-VDE protective gloves size 10
  • 17-521-VDE plug-in-grip with leather gauntlet
  • 17-523-VDE plastic clip with spiral spring inside