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Ball joint vice SPANNFIX for clamping on with quick-change vice jaws

  • Precision ball joint rotatable 360°
    steplessly lockable quick release
    Quality product 100% Made in Germany
  • for clamping to the workbench (table thickness max 80mm)
  • Velcro 50 mm plastic jaws, flexible pressure lock (Dual Lock from 3M), connection to be removed again, solid, firm, stable and precise connection
  • clamping width 70 mm
    clamping depth 38 mm
    clamping pressure 1470 N
  • inclination angle +/-45°
  • incl. plastic jaws smooth + corrugated
    more jaws search field input 9-900
  • cast aluminum parts with high-quality powder coating in dark grey metallic
  • Dimensions approx. 310 x 170 x 75 mm
  • weight 1450 g

Area of application

A slight lever pressure is sufficient to align the clamped workpiece steplessly into any reasonable working position. The individual adjustment of the working height provides an ergonomic posture for working while standing (e.g. drilling, sawing, grinding, milling, cutting, etc.).
The interchangeable jaws of the ball joint vices are 50 mm plastic jaws for the small vise and 100 mm steel jaws for the large vise. Protective jaws for clamping sensitive workpieces to avoid scratches we offer in felt, leather, cork and rubber coating. Vise jaws with prisms made of aluminum are suitable for clamping pipes, all vise jaws are available in jaw widths from 50 - 150 mm.
The vice fastening for clamping is suitable for workbenches with a maximum table thickness of up to 80 mm. The screw-on vice fastening can be connected to workbenches, tables and base plates via the four 9 mm through holes. The high-performance magnets offer individual fastening that can also be changed quickly.

Technical description

Maximum torque: ball Ø 40 mm approx. 24 Nm, ball Ø 60 mm approx. 100 Nm
clamp-base: table top thickness max. 80 mm
Cast aluminum parts powder coated
Steel parts chrome-plated, rust-free
With the adjusting screw on the lower seat of the ball, the movement of the ball can be adjusted from loose to very firm.
For safety-relevant parts, please note that we cannot give a guarantee of the holding forces without knowing your specific application. The ball may behave differently under different physical conditions than it does in our test laboratory in an optimal test environment.

General information

The BERNSTEIN ball-and-socket vice has a continuously adjustable joint head that can be rotated 360° and tilted +/- 45°. The upper part of the vice can be tilted in any direction, and enables work in front of or above the table. With a simple lever movement, the vice head is loosened in the tapered socket, individually aligned and clamped again. Without any locking the ball clamp offers an extremely strong hold.
Our product development department is constantly working on the optimization and further development of our products. If you have any questions, improvements or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.


SET1 consists of:

  • 9-205-K Ball joint vice SPANNFIX for clamping (velcro)
  • 9-900-K50-KST Protective jaws dual lock plastic corrugated/velcro 50 mm (pair)
  • 9-900-K50-KSTG Protective jaws dual lock plastic smooth/velcro 50 mm (pair)