ball joint combination SPANNFIX VARIO for clamping + cable

  • High quality product 100% Made in Germany, with precision ball joint and quick clamping, infinitely adjustable
  • with screw head, sturdy plate holder and universal clamping plate
  • holder with spring for sensitive boards
  • adjustable from 25 mm to 270 mm
  • Incl. ESD grounding cable 1 MOhm, length 1.8 m for connection to an EBP / Earth Bonding Point
  • for clamping on, workbenches with max. 80 mm table thickness
  • materials steel, aluminum, synthetic
  • cast aluminum with dissipative powder coating in shiny black, resistance between 10^7 - 10^8 ohm
  • Dimensions approx. 310 x 170 x 75 mm
  • weight 2100 g

Area of application

The SPANNFIX VARIO 9-250 offers a variety of different applications due to his changeable head parts. They can be quickly and easily detached from the base and replaced with a screw connection.
With the SPANNFIX VARIO, PCBs / printed circuit boards can be clamped up to a length of 270 mm. Thanks to the continuously adjustable ball, the board can be safely positioned and held in all directions. Quick turning of the PCBs / circuit boards is possible thanks to the adapter, which can be rotated and locked in +/- 45 ° steps. The adjusting screws with ergonomic handles run smoothly and make adjustment easier.
The SPANNFIX is a universal ball-joint-clamping-device. A third hand as a meaningfully clamp-and-hold-devices with a quick-clamp mechanism, a useful help in every workshop.

Technical description

Orientation dimensions approx. 310 x 160 x 75 mm. The ESD versions have a dissipative black surface with a resistance between 10^7 and 10^8 ohm. The base can be connected to the earthing point with a 10 mm push button.
Connection recommendation: 9-359-1 ESD earthing module 3x10 mm push button for table screw connection or 9-359-2 ESD earthing plug 2x10 mm push button and M5 connection for EU sockets. (Cable: 9-343-1 ESD earthing cable 1 MOhm, length 1.8 m)
Max. Torque or action on the joint head, ball force: ball Ø 40 mm = 160 N / 17 kg / ball Ø 60 mm = 450 N / 47 kg Please note that we cannot guarantee the holding force for safety-relevant parts without knowing your specific application. Under various physical conditions the ball can behave differently. Than in our test laboratory with an optimal test environment

General information

The SPANNFIX is a multifunctional vice with a flexible head and many possible applications. By using a high-quality ball joint, the head of the SPANNFIX can be tilted and fixed in any direction and offers optimum hold in any position. With the help of an adjusting screw at the lower seat of the ball, the ball mobility can be individually adjusted. The ball is held and released with a simple lever movement. Long service life is guaranteed by the high-quality, the powder-coated cast aluminium and the surface-finished steel parts!


Ball joint combination consists of:

  • 9-251 ESD ball joint base SPANNFIX for re-connecting (threaded ends 12mm)
  • 9-252 ESD head SPANNFIX for screw on (M12x1.5)
  • 9-253 ESD circuit board holder for screw on (M12+1.5)
  • 9-254 ESD universal screw-on plate SPANNFIX for screw on (M12x1.5)
  • 9-255 ESD angular adapter SPANNFIX for screw on (M12x1.5)
  • 9-343-1 ESD grounding cable 1 MOhm, 1800mm 2 press-studs 10/10mm