Ball joint vice SPANNFIX 4.0 for clamping on

  • High quality product 100% Made in Germany, with precision ball joint and quick clamping, infinitely adjustable
  • for clamping on, workbenches with max. 80 mm table thickness
  • jaw width 100 mm (steel jaws replaceable)
  • clamping force 12,000 N
  • clamping width 100 mm
  • clamping depth 50 mm
  • spare parts: steel jaws
    article 9-900-0773-1 (pair)
    article 9-900-S1000 dowel pins (VE4) more protective jaws search field input 9-900
  • cast aluminum with high-quality powder coating in dark grey metallic
  • Dimensions approx. 400 x 220 x 200 mm
  • weight 5500 g

Area of application

SPANNFIX 4.0 THE NEXT GENERATION Featuring a jaw width of 100 mm, the SPANNFIX 4.0 is the largest ball-joint vice on the market and will win you over with its clamp pins, interchangeable jaws, centering lug and fantastic ball clamping force. The ball joint allows the head of the Spannfix to be turned 360° and tilted up to 90°. Work can be performed at every angle imaginable. Different shapes no longer present a problem. It doesn‘t matter if the workpiece is round or angular, the user can clamp anything. The four tensioning studs suit the product in shape and size. They can be rotated about their axes and firmly grip any object. The centering lug allows for vertical work. The workpiece can be held level and worked on. In addition to the clamping studs, the Spannfix features a profiled steel jaw that was designed as a reversible jaw and can be replaced. It has a smooth side as well as a side with a stepped edge and two vertical notches that prevent rods and bolts from sliding. An integrated ruler offers the possibility to read the clamping depth directly on the vice. That way you can get the most out of the 105 mm clamping width.
The innovative base including table clamp enables the SPANNFIX to be mounted to straight table edges of up to 80 mm, and even to the table corner itself – the optimal position to use the Spannfix 4.0‘s entire working radius of 330 mm.
The vice with ball joint is also ideal as a woodcarvers clamp / woodcarving vises. The threaded foot part alone can be useful for clamping and hold devices or carvings such as carving blanks.The SPANNFIX is a universal ball-joint-clamping-device. A third hand as a meaningfully clamp-and-hold-devices with a quick-clamp mechanism, a useful help in every workshop.

Technical description

TECHNICAL FACTS Clamping pressure/clamping force: 12,0000 N, Clamping width: 100 mm, Clamping depth: 50 mm, Jaw width: 100 mm, Table thickness: up to max. 80 mm, Working radius: 330 mm (from ball center) Material: Aluminium casting with chromed steel parts, Color: structured powder coating in dark grey metallic, Dimensions: 450 x 220 x 200 mm (dimensions for orientation)
Max. Torque or action on the joint head, ball force: ball Ø 40 mm = 160 N / 17 kg / ball Ø 60 mm = 450 N / 47 kg Please note that we cannot guarantee the holding force for safety-relevant parts without knowing your specific application. Under various physical conditions the ball can behave differently. Than in our test laboratory with an optimal test environment

General information

CLAMPING TOOLS WITH BALL JOINT The SPANNFIX is a multifunctional vice with a flexible head and many possible applications. By using the high-quality ball joint, the SPANNFIX head can be tilted and fixed in any direction and offers optimum hold in any position. The ball mobility can be individually adjusted with the help of an adjusting screw on the lower seat of the ball. The ball is fixed and released with a simple movement of the lever. Long service life is guaranteed by the highquality, powder-coated cast aluminium and surface-coated steel parts.