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ESD chip-container (PU5)

  • storage box for microprocessors, boards, chips, etc.
  • with conductive foam insert
  • conductive 10^2 to 10^5 ohm
  • inside measures 57 x 36 x 17 mm
  • weight 55 g

Area of application

Conductive chip container as a storage box, transport box for SMD components (Smart Devices) or as a storage area with conductive foam insert. These chip containers are a slightly larger alternative to the well-known mouse toilet. And provide optimal protection for electrostatic sensitive microprocessors, circuit boards, chips, etc. because the conductivity of 10^2 to 10^5 ohm electrostatic stresses are compensated.

Technical description

ESD means Electrostatic Discharge, which stands for the electrostatic discharge (potential equalization) that occurs between charged bodies through direct contact or flashover.

General information

EPA suitable. For working in electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone).