LED magnifying lamp SLIM LINE

  • bright daylight LEDs,
  • articulated arm and table clamp
  • 2 glass lenses Ø 13 cm
  • 1.75x and 2.25x magnification
  • ultra bright LEDs (6000 lux on 15 cm)
  • flicker-free light
  • total reach 95 cm including table clamp
  • quick Lens Swap System for quick lens change
  • Total wattage 7.2w
  • weight 3000 g

Area of application

This unique, sleek, slim magnifying glass is perfect for all your detail work, with very bright Daylight LEDs. With the adjustable inner spring arm, you can easily position the lamp with one hand exactly where you need the light. Two easily interchangeable 13cm glass lenses (1.75X and 2.25X, included) will make sure you see all the details clearly. In addition, the LEDs provide high contrast and accurate color matching, making them easier and less fatigued. LEDs never need to be replaced and consume very little energy. Supplied with table clamp.

Technical description

Bright daylight LEDs, high-quality 13 cm lenses with 1.75X and 2.25X magnification, lamp brightness 6000 lux at 15cm. The total amount of visible light emitted in lumens is 756. Color temperature 6500. Assembled width 20 cm, assembled height 53 cm, mounting depth 79 cm, cable length 1.9 m, color white, total power 7.2w.

General information

Risk factor loupes and lighting! At the ESD workstation, sensitive components must not be exposed to an electrostatic field of more than 100 V / cm. There is a high risk due to the use of highly rechargeable materials such as glass or plastic. Above all, loupes and lights are dangerous because they are often used very close to the product. An electrostatic discharge can also occur via the air, it is not always a direct contact necessary. For this reason, only use ESD-safe lighting in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.