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SET protective jaws 100 mm plastic leather cork felt rubber aluminum

  • suitable for vise jaws width 100 mm, content: article listing see below
  • with magnetic strips or magnetic points
  • for clamping parts with scratch-sensitive surfaces
  • yellow plastic covered with felt, cork, leather. Aluminum with rubber
  • FELT = non woven synthetic fibres (grey) very robust, durable, stable felt, lint-free
  • LEATHER = hard-wearing, optimal wear behavior, waterdrop authenticity
  • CORK OAK = very elastic, poorly flammable, natural and sustainable raw material
  • more protective jaws search field input 9-900
  • approx dimensions 430 x 390 mm
  • weight 761 gr

Area of application

The plastic protective jaws sit perfectly on any vice with steel jaws due to their double magnetic strip. They protect sensitive components from scratches or damage. Thanks to the longitudinal and transverse grooves, round objects can also be securely clamped. If the grooves interfere with clamping, the smooth surface on the other side can also be used. The aluminum protective jaws also protect the parts to be machined, and the longitudinal and transverse grooves allow raw or flat material to be securely and firmly fixed in the vice.

General information

Product fits to our SPANNFIX the multifunctional vice with a flexible head and many possible applications. By using a high-quality ball joint, the head of the SPANNFIX can be tilted and fixed in any direction and offers optimum hold in any position. With the help of an adjusting screw at the lower seat of the ball, the ball mobility can be individually adjusted. The ball is held and released with a simple lever movement. Long service life is guaranteed by the high-quality, the powder-coated cast aluminium and the surface-finished steel parts!


Set protective jaws 100 mm consists of:

  • 9-900-SET-0 plastic bag for protective jaws, gray/black BERNSTEIN
  • 9-900-S4100 protective jaws cork/plastic 100mm yellow 1 pair consisting of two jaws
  • 9-900-S5100 protective jaws leather/plastic 100mm yellow 1 pair consisting of two jaws
  • 9-900-S6100 protective jaws felt/plastic 100mm yellow 1 pair consisting of two jaws
  • 9-900-S7100 protective jaws plastic 100mm yellow 1 pair consisting of two jaws
  • 9-900-S8100 protective jaws aluminium/rubber 100 mm 1 pair consisting of two jaws
  • 9-900-S9100 protective jaws aluminium/prism 100mm 1 pair consisting of two jaws