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ESD tool kit ELITE 20 pcs

  • with pliers from the EUROline series
  • for working on electronic components or devices
  • for work in the protected area
  • according to standard DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • dissipative tools 10^6 to 10^9 ohm
  • conductive synthetic case 10^2 to 10^5 ohm
  • precise conductive foam
  • opening angle 180°
  • measures 250 x 210 x 60 mm
  • weight 850 g

Area of application

EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). ESD conductive tool sets for various works in the ESD area. The tools are housed in handy ESD-safe plastic cases and clearly arranged in dimensionally correct recesses made of conductive rigid foam.

Technical description

ESD tool set for working on electronic assemblies and devices according to DIN EN 61340-5-1. The tweezers are used for precise gripping, insertion and holding of small electronic components. They are equipped with horizontal, smooth and curved gripping surfaces. The pliers have particularly narrow and pointed pliers heads for precise work in tight spaces. The side cutter is suitable for cutting off soft and medium-hard wires, please note the cutting values. The quality interchangeable blades (HRC 56-58) are quick to clamp in the conductive ESD transfer handle. The conductive brush is used to clean static-sensitive components.


ESD tool kit ELITE consists of:

  • 2231 ESD conductive synthetic case with foam insert empty
  • 3-651-15 ESD mini side cutters EUROline flush 120 mm
  • 3-672-15 ESD end cutters EUROline flush 130 mm
  • 3-682-15 ESD flat nose pliers EUROline not serrated jaws 130 mm
  • 3-683-15 ESD snipe nose pliers EUROline not serrated jaws 130 mm
  • 4-901 ESD interchangeable handle
  • 4-905 interchangeable blades slot 1.5/3.0 mm
  • 4-906 interchangeable blades slot 2.0/3.5 mm
  • 4-907 interchangeable blades slot 2.5/4.0 mm
  • 4-911 interchangeable blades PH00/PH000
  • 4-912 interchangeable blades PH0/PH1
  • 4-921 interchangeable blades TORX T5/T6
  • 4-922-L interchangeable blades TORX T7/T8
  • 4-923-L interchangeable blades TORX T9/T10
  • 5-049-13 ESD SMD tweezers 110 mm form 4 stainless steel dissipative
  • 5-055-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120 mm form 7a stainless steel angle 40° dissipative
  • 5-059-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120 mm form 2a stainless steel dissipative
  • 5-067-13 ESD SMD tweezers 120 mm form 12 stainless steel, dissipative
  • 5-068-13 ESD tweezers 120 mm form 13 stainless steel, dissipative
  • 5-078-13 ESD SMD universal tweezers 130 mm form PSF stainless steel dissipative
  • 7-422 ESD brush bristles width 20 mm