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ESD ball joint holder for screwing on (dissipative)

  • Ball joint quick release for heavy parts, 360° rotatable, infinitely adjustable
    Quality product 100% Made in Germany
  • for screwing onto the workbench (space dimensions: 110x72mm)
  • threaded pin M12 x 1.5 x 20 mm
  • support surface approx. Ø 20 mm
  • inclination angle +/-45°
  • included in delivery:
    schnorr washer and lock nut
    Lock nut for the thread
  • cast aluminum with black ESD powder coating, dissipative 10^7 - 10^8 ohm
  • Dimensions approx. 80 x 170 x 75 mm
  • weight 650 g
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Area of application

The ball joint holders are available in different ball diameters, which have different holding forces. A small lever pressure is sufficient for a stepless fixing with high holding force. The foot part is selectable for clamping, for fixed screwing or with high performance magnets.
A quick clamping to optimally align cameras, monitors, sensors or measuring instruments. Used in woodworking as carving plates, carving balls or various clamping and holding tool. Wide variety of clamping and holding devices are screwed on for instrument and model making. Suitable adapters and extensions of all types can be screwed on via the thread on the ball. An optimal hold to repair e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles free-floating. Used for years in universities, research centers and laboratories have appreciated the many possible applications.
The vice fastening for clamping is suitable for workbenches with a maximum table thickness of up to 80 mm. The screw-on vice fastening can be connected to workbenches, tables and base plates via the four 9 mm through holes. The high-performance magnets offer individual fastening that can also be changed quickly.

Technical description

Connection thread M12 x 1.5 mm (special thread). Please contact us for suitable adapters.
Maximum torque: ball Ø 40 mm approx. 24 Nm, ball Ø 60 mm approx. 100 Nm
holding force of the ball at the height of the threaded pin: ball Ø 40 mm approx. 45 kg (441N), ball Ø 60 mm approx. 140 kg (1.372N). The clamping force is increased by degreasing the ball.
Screw-on base: plate size 110 x 72 mm, through holes 4 x 6,5 mm
ESD versions dissipative 10^7 and 10^8 ohm
EPA suitable for electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone). The foot sections can be connected to the grounding point with a 10 mm push button.
Cast aluminum parts powder coated
Steel parts chrome-plated, rust-free
With the adjusting screw on the lower seat of the ball, the movement of the ball can be adjusted from loose to very firm.
For safety-relevant parts, please note that we cannot give a guarantee of the holding forces without knowing your specific application. The ball may behave differently under different physical conditions than it does in our test laboratory in an optimal test environment.