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ESD contact bracelet with cables + crcodile clip

  • EPA suitable. For working in electrostatically protected areas (ESD workplace / ESD protection zone).
  • Meets the safety requirements for wrist grounding according to BGI 818 (DIN EN 61340-5-1)
  • adjustable, anti-allergic, washable, (woven silver-plated synthetic fibres)
  • Bracelet length 200 mm
  • press buttons 3-4 mm for wrist strap and 10 mm for ground contact connection
  • highly elastic 2.4 m long spiral cable + 1.8 m ground cable 1 megaohm safety resistor with 2 x10 mm push buttons
  • cable: 2 x 1 megohm safety resistor, bracelet: Resistance inside 10^3-10^5, outside 10^7-10^9
  • additionally insulated crocodile clip for grounding with clamp connection
  • color dark blue
  • weight 60 g

Area of application

Wrist grounding, as a safe method to derive electrostatic charge from people, consists of an adjustable wrist strap with woven silver-plated synthetic fibers (close skin contact necessary) and a spiral cable which connects the wristband with the earthing point via press buttons, electrically dissipative. The coiled cable has a safety resistance of 1 MOhm on each connection side and is approved for workplaces with a rated voltage up to 250 VAC. To ensure adequate insulation, the bracelet may only be stored in a dry place.

Technical description

Washing instructions for the bracelet: machine wash up to 30 ° C with soft washing powder, drying at low temperature (warm not hot), do not bleach. Avoid contact with acidic / alkaline solvents. ESD protection is retained for about 30 washing process.


ESD contact bracelet consists of:

  • 9-342-1 ESD contact bracelet blue
  • 9-342-2 ESD spiral cord for bracelet 70 - 200 cm black
  • 9-353 ESD crocodile clip
  • 9-343-1 ESD grounding cable 1 MOhm, 1800 mm 2 press-studs 10/10 mm