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Pressure lock self-adhesive 50 x 25 mm (PU10)

  • flexible snap lock for protective jaws for clamping parts with scratch-sensitive surfaces
  • suitable for vise 9-205-K with jaws width 50 mm
  • one side for sticking on, strong adherent
  • one side connection to be removed again
  • solid, firm, stable and precise connection
  • color black
  • Packaging unit 10 pieces
  • approx. dimensions 50 x 25 x 3.5 mm
  • PU weight 20 g

Area of application

This snap fastener is a kind of Velcro tape with a very stable and precise fixation. By simply pressing them together - with small mushroom heads interlocking - a very firm, but removeable connection is created. The pressure fastener can be clicked crossed, offset or overlapped. It provides a permanent mechanical fastening that will not loosen even with sustained jarring motion. In contrast to a common Velcro fastener, this quickly releasable connection is characterized by high shear strength. The self-adhesive back immediately adheres with excellent final adhesive strength, even at high temperatures and on rough surfaces.

Technical description

Over 1,000 locking cycles, material polyolefin, color black, adhesive acrylate (VHB), temperature resistance continuously -30 to +70°C (short term + 95°C), food-resistant, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, aging-resistant, chemical and plasticizer-resistant, dynamic tensile strength approx. 21 N/cm², maximum static tensile strength and shear strength approx. 160 g/cm², flammability test passed according to FAR 25,853 (b-2). Storage unprocessed 12 months shelf life at 20°C storage temperature and 50% relative humidity. Dual Lock (ISO 9002 certified) is a patented pressure lock system from 3M.

General information

Product fits to our SPANNFIX the multifunctional vice with a flexible head and many possible applications. By using a high-quality ball joint, the head of the SPANNFIX can be tilted and fixed in any direction and offers optimum hold in any position. With the help of an adjusting screw at the lower seat of the ball, the ball mobility can be individually adjusted. The ball is held and released with a simple lever movement. Long service life is guaranteed by the high-quality, the powder-coated cast aluminium and the surface-finished steel parts.