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LSA-Plus insertion tool

  • for UTP and STP cable conductor Ø 0.4 to 0.8 mm
  • for soldering, screwing and stripping-free connecting the wires
  • press in and cut off in one operation
  • material synthetic body
  • length 185 mm
  • weight 62 g

Area of application

KRONE LSA-Plus termination tool for non-soldering, non-screwing and non-stripping connection of the wires and at the same time cutting off the remaining lengths, on strips or boxes. For laying data cables on data outlets or patch panels.

Technical description

Application tool for all data, information and telecommunication cabling, applicable for all LSA-PLUS® series as well as RJ45 sockets and highband, for connecting conductor diameters (0.35-0.9mm) and core diameters (0.7-2.6mm ).